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It Takes a Village... We work better together. As much as each genius, innovator, creator and natural entrepreneur isn’t born into the world alone, they need to be nurtured in spaces where they are able to connect, communicate and collaborate with others. Great companies are created where good company is kept. Ideas too, need people to drive them. Whether this means people who will inspire them, people to bounce them off, people who will challenge them, people who will help refine and actualize them or people who will simply spread them. No idea can grow in isolation. So, knowing that, where’s the best space for an entrepreneur to grow ideas and convert them into business? Within a village of fellow entrepreneurs. A village specifically created for unique businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. Our story is rooted in recognising this need and providing local entrepreneurs with a unique, inclusive and cooperative environment in which to work. Our village solution allows people with diverse ideas and diverse businesses to work in their own convenient workspaces, in good company within an encouraging and supportive community.